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Drew was born in Los Angeles, CA and at the age of 29 has quite the successful acting and directing career,
plus the adoration of thousands of fans both male and female.

~ Drew Stats ~
Name: Drew Blyth Barrymore
Birthday: February 22nd, 1975
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Mother & Father: Jaid Barrymore & John Barrymore, Jr.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Married/Divored: March '94/May '94
Ex: Jeremy Thomas, Ryan Phillipe, Tom Green
Preferences: Drew is a vegetarian, loves to smoke, and is bi-sexual.
Tattoos: Butterflies & a cross.

Other Drew Facts

* Awards Won *
Youth Film Award 1982
Golden Globe award for Best Actress 1992

* TV Appearances *
"The Ray Bradbury Theatre"
TV Commercial for Puppy Choice Dog Food

* Write to Drew *
Drew Barrymore c/o United Talent Agency
9560 Welshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA


Alterd States 1980
E.T. 1982
Irreconcilable Differences 1984
Firestarter 1984
Cat's Eye 1985
See You In the Morning 1989
Far From Home 1989
No Place to Hide 1992
Poison Ivy 1992
Wayne's World 2 1993
Inside the Goldmine 1994
Bad Girls 1994
Mad Love 1995
Boys on the Side 1995
Batman Forever 1995
Scream 1996
Like a Lady 1996
Everyone Says I Love You 1996
Wishful Thinking 1997
All She Wanted 1997
Best Men 1997
The Wedding Singer 1998
Home Fries 1998
Cinderella 1998
Planet Ice 1999


Commercial for Puppy Choice dog food 1975
Commercial for Pilsbury chocolate-chip cookies 1979
Bogie 1980
The Adventures of Conn Sawyer
& Huckleberry Finn
The Screaming Woman 1986
Babes in Toyland 1986
Conspiracy of Love 1987
The Ring 15 & Getting Straight 1989
The Sketch Artist 1992
Guncrazy 1992
Doppelganger 1992
2000 Malibu Road 1992
The Amy Fisher Story 1993


Drew Quotes


"I'm not insecure. I've been through way too much fucking shit to be insecure. I've got huge balls. But I've been humbled. That makes you grateful for every day you have."


"Everyone will always be curious about my life, because it's been insane."
~ 1995


"My whole life, I've wanted to feel comfortable in my skin. It's the most liberating thing in the world."
~ 1995



More Drew Facts

~ Appeared in Bonnie Raitt's music video "You Got It".

~ Drew has already had a biography written on her life, "Little Girl Lost, Drew Barrymore" by Todd Gold.

~ Steven Spielberg is her godfather.

~ She is half Hungarian from her mother's side.

~ She was nominated for two Golden Globes:
* Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV for "Guncrazy" in 1993.
* Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for "Irreconcilable Differences" in 1985.

~ Was chosen by "People" magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1997.

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