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Here are some press interviews with David:

US Mag`s article on DD (June 1992)
US Magazine

  • X-Files Actor is a (Super)Natural
    Copley News Service
  • Coffee, Tea, and David Duchovny
    The Pyrdonian Renegade
  • L.A. Associated Press Interview
    Associated Press
  • Making Contact With David Duchonvy
    Playgirl Magazine
  • Late Late Show DD Transcript
    The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder
  • The Tonight Show, both interviews!
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • A Genuine X-Centric
    Entertainment Weekly
  • X-Files Hunk Can't Stay Faithful...
    Australian Woman's Day
  • X-FACTOR Actor
    Playboy Magazine

    A FAQ on Duchovny is posted on the first of the month by Kellie Matthews-Simmons ( and Sarah Stegall( There are various "hormone brigades" devoted to Duchovny. The David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade (DDEB) mail list and its sister group the DDEB-2 list are both full. You can still join the Duchovniks list by sending the message "Subscribe duchovny-L
    `yourfirstname` `yourlastname`"to

    The David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade web page is located at

    The Duchovniks home page is located at

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