Hi and welcome to my site, this site was set up after I realised How deep a hate I`d acquired from listening to, well, dodgy pop music. Mentioning no names, apart from STEPS, THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH, BOYZONE etc... these so called type of `bands` should be stamped out immediately. They irritate thousands everyday by playing their manufactured, badly written music with no meaning lyrics, type of music. Then they come along and ruin good old songs, e.g. Under the Bridge, and for some strange reason people buy it time and time again! Or is it so strange? No, I don�t believe it is. All of these groups are force fed onto the consumer, through
1. Continuous airplay on crappy radio stations.
2. Massive advertising.
3. MOST importantly of all, the fixing of the music charts.
If you go to a music wholesaler to buy music for your store, you�ll find that there is a very limited amount of music available to you. And as there are only a few wholesalers, you have little choice but to buy pop shite. Now I�m not saying ALL music with shallow lyrics is crap, but the bands mentioned above, write shite lyrics AND music. One of my favourite bands (Jamiroquai) don�t have the best lyrics in the world, but they are so amazing musically accomplished and soooo funky! Just enjoy music, proper music, its one of the best things in life!

Anyway, that�s the philosophy of the site over and done with, now a bit about me :
My name�s James White, born where I still am in West London, England.
I�m 18 and have just finished studying A-levels at a college in Hammersmith, West London.

The CDs I listened too while making the site were:
Jamiroquai - Emergency on Planet Earth, Return of the Space Cowboy,
	     and Travelling without moving.
Radiohead - The Bends and Australian Tour EP.
Third Eye Blind - TEB.
Skunk Anansie - Post Orgasmic Chill.
Sting - Brand New Day.
Plus a heap of MP3s I�ve got.

Anyway, enjoy the site, and if there�s anything you hate, or wrong, then tough.
Nooooo, only joking, just E-mail me, I love criticism, so do it now!


Copyright James White 2000. Note : RealPlayer G2 is required to hear the songs.
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