Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Drunken Bartender

Trains keep on going whether there are people on them or not. They don’t care whether they’re full or empty, they just wanna see other things and be other places, but they’re confined by parallel lines. People aren’t subject to such constraints, but if they’re empty on the inside they stop. Sven was empty and he had stopped. For a lot longer than he had ever intended too. But once his motion had subsided he realised that he had never intended to start moving in the first place.

“Give me two beers and a used ashtray” he said to the bartender who was more drunk than an empty glass.

“All my ashtrays are clean, but if u give me a moment I can help you out” he said while sparking up.

Sven didn’t really care, he just wanted to sit and feel like he’d done something. The bartender’s coughing broke Sven from his thoughts.

“You sound fucked up man. If smoking makes you like this then maybe you should stop”.

“Nah man, I never could stop”. The old drunk replied.

Sven smiled and remembered where he thought he was going and started again. All it takes is a parallel line.



Blogger James White said...

justin, how did u get caught in a flash movie?

9:47 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Hey was on tube late last night and in my small section of the carriage, there was a lesbian couple getting off (before u get too excited, it was a really pretty Mexican looking girl with a middle age rough woman w scars on her face), there was a girl crying, and american couple fighting about which museum to see tomorrow and a transexual. they're all begging to have a story written about by u, justin. u know the kind of story where they each have their own story line til the end where all their lives intercept?

11:08 AM  
Blogger Justin said...

done and done. well it's a start anyway

2:18 PM  

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