Thursday, May 26, 2005

Like a broken weather vain, it depends how you look at it

I’m a light weight. I admit it. Some motherfuckers make fun of me for it, but I quite like it. I can go to the pub and assure drunkenness almost every time. It’s a bit annoying if I gotta be sober for something, but those times are few and far between.

Especially this week. I saw Star Wars on Monday and it was friggin awesome. I don’t know why I’ve assigned that specific compliment to the film but it’s all I can seem to say when people ask me what I thought. Maybe it’s because it seems wrong to swear about something so intricately linked to my generations childhood. Aww fuck it. It was fucking exactly what I’ve been motherfucking waiting for. The acting was a bit shit, but they severed a lot of limbs needlessly so it was alright in the end. I asked a friend of mine recently whether he liked the film and he said “Nooooooooooo”. Didn’t you feel bad for Darth Vader?

I saw human traffic remixed on Tuesday. That was pretty wicked. I bought it ages ago but lost it and only just found it again so I was pretty happy to finally watch it. I hate it when that happens in all the usual ways, but it’s nice sometimes when you find something that you were beginning to believe that you never had in the first place. Especially when you find stuff in your pockets the morning after a night out. I usually just find toys though, and the surprise in that is only limited.

Yesterday I listened to a room full of people sing “You’ll never walk alone” over and over whilst getting drunk with my friends. That was pretty fucking great. I quit supporting Liverpool when I was young. It was just after they lost to Arsenal in that famous last game of the season show down. I kinda wanna start supporting them again now, but maybe I’m just a glory hunter. Or drunk. Or drunk with power. Hmm.

Today I’m going to bed early. Well at regular time, but I started trying to move my life towards my bed hours ago so tomorrow I’ll think I went to bed early. Ho hum.

Oh and I got a wicked job and I gave a wicked job to someone else. This has been one lucky motherfucking week. Speaking of weeks, last night I was in the 24 hour shop with a load of other drunk bastards and suddenly we all heard a voice say “Body found in the river every week! Fucking hell”. It was this little guy misreading the sign for the local paper. “The Informer” “Body found in river” “Everyweek”. I’ve never cracked up so much with a bunch of strangers before. I had to smoked two cigarettes on the way home to even myself out.

I really just needed some sleep. Sooooo motherfucking hungover today. Goes with being a pussy ass light weight. Oh well. To bed. Last refuge of the fucked.


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