Thursday, July 07, 2005

This is no time to make jokes

So yesterday we won the Olympic bid and today we got blown up. I knew those stinking atheletes were up to something.


Blogger Fred said...

what the fuck is wrong with people Juz? how does blowing shit up and killing people solve anything? if those fuckers hate the western world so much, just stay away!

i know our politicians are fucks and all that, but blowing us up is only going to make us angry, and we have bigger bombs.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

i agree. those dumb bastards. but it's kind of like the people who go on the anti capitalism march. They are fighting a war they'll never win, so they just try and fight as hard as they can in little spurts.
Although i am all for bringing down capitalism, but all against terrorism, so it's not really the same.
Has anyone noticed that poverty isn't history? bastards.

1:36 PM  

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