Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Don't just look at me, hit back

I’ve seen far more fun than violence in these times that I call mine. I’ve drunk and smoked and laughed my own age tenfold. I’ve smiled wide at things that had only a hidden funny side. I’ve screamed out loud my mirth to make life laugh with me. But then there’s the violence. I’ve seen my married mother broken and divorce. I’ve seen my friends unspoken pain after a punch was thrown with no explanation why. I’ve seen the moon reflected in a puddle spattered with blood. I’ve seen racists scream and attack and never understood the reason even if I’ve known their reasoning. I’ve seen a lot. But most of it wasn’t real.

I was brought up by television basically. I watched and watch the flickering images on the screen and revel in the blood shed for my entertainment. I have been told that if you watch too much violent television, you become desensitized. But not me. I watch and I learn and I fear and I burn just as if the screen were a videophone letting me in on a fight which will only be so brutal for that one moment so I need to see what’s there, because if I don’t then it may all be gone without a trace before I notice it. Just like real life.

I travelled a train the other day standing in the shadow of all the passengers grumbles about how late it was. It was burning hot and any one of us could have died I heard mumbled and mumbled. And then I heard a scream. A garbled cry of the insane in pain. I looked around and found an old man finally broken by the heat telling someone in too many words to move. Telling a giant. And the giant far from ignoring him, hit him square in the face and the old man crumpled. And the giant leant down and hit him again. And again. And people moved out of the way without saying anything to allow this to happen with more ease.

The TV and me have no bond. I shout at it, and it just sits there, ignoring my cries. I call for blood and it isn’t spilt. I call for revenge and there is only justice. I call for peace and war rolls on. I call someone a cunt and they hear me.

Real life is so much harder and so much easier than I ever expected. Than I could have ever been told. You can try your hardest and get nowhere, or you can sit back and relax and it all turns out fine. I scowl sometimes and the world scowls with me. I growl sometimes and the world growls at me. I fight sometimes and nothing fights back. It’s hard. It’s different. But at least it means something.

I saw a pigeon explode as train hit it in front of dozens of children, the blood nearing their innocent faces before falling. I saw a pigeon squashed with its guts spewn out of it’s mouth in 2D. I saw a pigeon flattened into a picture of a itself in flight, more free than it had ever been in life. Whichever one of these you want your life to be, don’t ever forget that the choice is yours. I’ve seen more fun than violence in my life, but maybe violence is fun. Maybe. I fucking hope not.


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