Monday, May 22, 2006

I love you guys

This weekend was one of those times when lots of shit happens, but everyone is too drunk to be sure exactly what that shit was. Ignoring the shit for the moment, let’s focus on the hangover that comes the next day. Today. The hangover that makes you feel like you’re going to die and that you quite possibly want to kill the people who helped you get so fucked up too, only you feel too rough to do it.

Now I talk about hangovers a lot, about how sometimes they make the world seem beautiful, about how they can be kinda fun. But today’s hangover was not like that. It was like a never ending abyss of feeling like shit, and not being able to face making myself better. So I did the only thing I could, I sought help. I sought out one of my oldest friends, and luckily for me I got a bonus friend as well when I turned up at Tom’s house in the form of Susan.

I have known both of these people for a fucking long time. More than half my life. Tom is an almost Seinfeld shaped legend, and Susan is like my beautiful sister. And they made feel better. They reminded me that my life is pretty great, I just have to remember it. I mean, obviously my life is shit by most peoples standards, but the friends I have are so amazing that if I had a second mouth I would devote it solely to smiling all the time.

Susan really showed me why today though. She did the sweetest thing ever; she gave me a pencil holder. Now in itself that is a crappy present, but the fact that I had mentioned that I felt like I needed one for my business to her randomly at some point in the past and she had remembered, thought about it, about me, and got one is just… well it’s just perfect really isn’t it. So in honour of her, here is second limerick I ever wrote (I was going out with a girl called Carrie at the time)

There once was a girl that everyone knew as Susan
Who thought that it was her friendship I was abusin'
And although I'm not a poet you know
I just wrote this so I could show
That Carrie's friendship above hers, I'm not choosin'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice ode to freindeship there matey.

Friends will get you through the times of no weed better than weed will get you through the times of no friends.

5:30 PM  
Blogger tom inwood said...

that was nice :)

11:16 AM  

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