Monday, July 10, 2006

Elspeth Driskill

So it's been about a month now since I last wrote anything. I didn't realise that I had been letting things slip so bad. Oh well, I'm sure almost no-one noticed.

And anyway, I've been busy busy busy these last couple of weeks. I've just got a new job, I've been editing my websites and also, I've been preparing (mentally at least) for my brothers wedding. Which was on Saturday by the way.

I've spent the last few months asking my brother over and over again, "So what is it exactly that I'll have to be doing as an usher?" and each time he told me that it wouldn't be much, that I just had to take care of the guests and the rest would be pretty straightforward.

I didn't believe him for a second, well not untill we actually got to the venue this weekend for the rehearsal and saw how shambolic everything was and was told by his other ushers that we'd just blag it basically. After that, I thought "phew so I can relax this weekend then".

Not so, from the moment I put on my monkey suit for the wedding until the moment I fell asleep that night I was constantly on edge. My brother was getting randomly stressed at things going right, and was taking it out on us. Not that things weren't really going right, but I think he enjoys being stressed out. The thing is, there really wasn't that much ushering to do, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that there were so many people to remember.

In my family, I am the figure of fun (as with my friends I suppose) so it doesn't suprise me that Gerry will have told his friends exaggerated tales about me. The problem was, that meant that lots and lots of people new who I was, and had that hopeful look in their eye that I knew them too. Add to that all of my new family in law, who I have met recently and cannot remember the names of, and the whole stag party who I do generally remember, but there are one or two names that slip by me. And then of course, all the random family friends who I haven't seen since I was tiny who think that somehow I will know who they are. Eventually, after using 'man' to address everyone for a few too many hours, I just starting acting as a bouncer and just shouted at people to do Gerry's bidding until they did it. Which was nice.

Anyway, the point of all this grumbling was really meant to be that now... I have a new sister. And her name is Elspeth (or Elle). And she is great. Oh yes.


Anonymous Like you can't guess!!! said...

So this is where it all comes out....

It is interesting to note that I am referred to as someone who enjoys being stressed out by the person who seems to get stressed out about absolutely everything! Things like his mum bringing him food, being asked whether he wants to go for a quick beer or any form of hygiene or cleaning products!

But to absolutely top that off, he then complains how stressful it is for people to like him and want to speak to him at my wedding!!!! Life is hard!

And as for the wedding, an usher's job is to help organise it and keep things running to plan. Therefore, if any aspect of it was shambolic, that is clear evidence of a failure on the part of the usher.

Aside from that, he did actually do a fairly good job, especially on the thankless task of getting drunken guests to stop and spend 5 minutes filling in our Guestbook. It just would have been nice of him to have stayed sober past 7pm. And to not have completely destroyed his "monkey suit" before 10pm!

But I will agree with him that Elle (or Elspeth) is great! Oh yes!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Belinda said...

It is interesting, and humorous, to note that my brothers quibble like old women. I couldn't hop the pond to see the wedding but it turned out brilliant(as you Brits would say). I could tell it did because now a year later,in a mall near Houston, Elle and I are secretly trying to figure out if she is pregnant. Ya know-discussing symptoms and such. Gerry knew, but didn't want to talk about it just yet. How fun to know, but not know, and especially not be able to tell Justin.
But I knew first-even when Elle wasn't sure, I just knew. It gives me profound happiness to know that my sweet brother and his lovely Bride will experience the ultimate joy in the universe of having a child. May every moment be treasured.
It was fun to know first-so...For all the times I didn't get to stick out my tongue in mocking when we were little- imagine me doing so now. Because, well, it is a sisters right of passage to do so, isn't it? I missed that stuff with you both. So... here it goes. 'Nanny nanny boo boo' I knew first! And yes Elle is great!

9:42 AM  

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