Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I was so drunk that day

I live a very insular life right now. What with Magnus and my new/old job, I spend a lot of time on my own staring at this screen. So it was a beautiful thing on Sunday to go to the Carnival for the first time. Not least of all because it was Tom’s birthday on the day after (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!). It was great though, not because I hung out with thousands of people in a street party (I’m still too afraid to talk to strangers) but because I saw most of my friends smile that day and there were no bad feelings afterwards.

Dave wasn’t too happy. He doesn’t like strangers any more than me. Probably less. And it didn’t help that I treated him like a girl who I was trying to get to have a good time (I enlisted a drunken Nick’s help to grab Dave’s arms and make him dance down the street a little). I only stopped when he reminded me that I hated it when people did that to me. I’m sorry for that Dave. I’m especially sorry I tried to pinch your cheeks to force a smile. No man has the right to touch another’s beard growth area.

Apart from that though, it was great. I mean frickin’ awesome. I’m upset that I have never been before because it makes me see the magic in this city that I feel I have been missing all my life. So viva la carnival. And viva Mr Thomas William Excelsior Inwood. They both rock.



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