Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The King of Bad Ideas grew a little older on Friday. That’s right, it was Sauls 24th Birthday. And a rave up time it was.

I have to be honest, I can’t remember much. I remember dancing for a long time, which means that I must have been exceptionally fucked, and I remember people giving me odd looks, but that’s about it. Oh except for all the people coming up to me and asking for drugs (that always happens to me though. I must be one drug dealing looking motherfucker). Kathy says that when we came and woke her up at 5 am, we all seemed pretty happy though, so I’m assuming it was a good night.

I’m still afraid though. I haven’t been out of the house in four days, except in my garden. I’ve got this feeling that something happened. That I did something. And although I can’t remember much about that night, I’m afraid that if I’m allowed to be around too many people too soon, that I might just do it again!

But anyway, enough about me. Let us all join together in praising the man of the week, Mr Saul Graff. A guy who has been there for me every time I’ve needed him to be. A man who makes me laugh every time I meet up with him. A legend.

Saul man, happy birthday. And many motherfucking happy returns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sooooo mother fucking grateful to you for making my b-day a memorable one.

Now stop swearing, its starting to rub off on me ;-)

9:54 AM  

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