Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sleep... if you can get some

So it’s been a while since I wrote. What have you been up to? Nothing? Well anyway in the last couple of weeks there have been 5 parties which required my immediate attention, and I made it to four of them. Not bad hey? But then I feel like I probably missed out on the best one. Doh. I was incredibly hungover on the day of the missed party however and I think the fact that this snippet from Hollyoaks made me laugh more than anything has in a very long time, shows how drunk I was when I watched it (late the night before the missed party).

[Joe had just found out Louise has only asked him out to make her ex husband jealous]

Louise: When I asked you out, I meant just as friends

Joe: Friends?! You make me sick!

Just imagine that being said in real life. Trust me, it’s pretty funny.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to all relevant party throwers of late, and especially to Zoe, to whom I’ve very sorry I missed your party. Hope it was fun!