Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do businesses not have savings?

Bankers were being questioned this week, about them fucking up the whole world and that, and the big questions we asked them were mostly about pay. “How many bucks did you receive this year?” “How much extra did you give your greedy ass on top of that?” “How can you justify that when you’re a complete douche?” Shit like that.

I ask: who fucking cares? I think they are pricks for the same reasons you do, but them paying themselves shitloads of money is neither here nor there right now. The question on my lips is "How the fuck didn't you save up for this? You were making billions for craps sake, didn’t you put a little aside just in case your metaphorical momma gets sick, or your symbolic pony chokes on a gold brick? Where the hell is it all?"

Because it's not in their fucking pockets. Only Santa has pockets that big, but even then only because he's magic.